Where are you located?

2119 n kerby ave portland or 97227 (near the moda center off Tillamook and Interstate)

What does it cost? 

A four song session is $400

What's included in the package?

You'll get 4 songs, mixed, mastered, and the video editing included. The audio well be available in our dropbox. We'll take some group photos upon request and we'll promote your videos on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

Can i have a copy of the session for my youtube or PREFERRED platform?

We offer the band/artist 4 finished songs to upload to their youtube, facebook, instagram etc. Feel free to share our links and upload our teasers and why not put our session on your bandcamp as well!

What do i need to bring?

Bring your guitars, basses, and breakables. We have a full orange backline and various other cabinets to choose from so that's optional. We have a 7 pc house kit, so if you dont want to haul in your entire kit, just bring your pedals and cymbals!

Things to keep in mind:

Recommended fresh strings, no broken drum heads, if you have broken cymbals just know that wont be sounding as good for the recording so if at all possible try to leave the cracked ones behind.